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Improve your skin

Benefits of Bio-Ultimate Platinum®

Micro-current equipment imitates the body's own bio-electrical impulses to stimulate the regenerative processes of the skin and muscle.

Your facial profile could be noticeably improved in just 6-12 weeks.

• Corrects sagging muscles and lifts eyelids and corners of mouth.

• Rejuvenates skin tissues.

• Speeds up circulation and increases nourishment to the area.

• Reduces double chin and sagging neck muscles

• Increases natural production of collagen and elastin, enhancing tone

• Revives the skins' ability to hold moisture.

• Increases the penetration and effectiveness of scientifically proven products.

Our treatments

• Age Defying Facials

• Turbo Lift

• Invisible Explosion

• Clear Acne Facial

• Bio-Platinum Peptide Facial

• Bio-Therapeutic Cocktail Infuse

• Bio-Therapeutic Cocktail Lift

• Bio-Therapeutic Cocktail (Includes both Infuse and Lift)

• Platinum Hand Renewal


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Revive your skin with

Bio-Ultimate Platinum®

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